Master Plan


590.00 500.00

  • Number of guaranteed lectures per Year: 30 Lectures will be conducted on Saturday ~10AM, exact time will be informed well beforehand)
  • Recordings available for Students: Yes (Students can view recordings of lectures from various departments/courses)
  • Student Interaction on website: Yes. Prepares you to understand the topic beforehand, which makes a smooth-sailing during the live lecture.
  • Posting pre-session queries on the website: Yes. Very important aspect of any teaching methodology is “to ask questions”. This platform brings you to post your queries beforehand, so that the important questions will be addressed during the lecture. Over and above that students have privilege to ask their queries during the lectures, too.
  • Eligible for advance certification courses at discounted prices: Yes. Membership allows you to get upto 80% discount on certificate courses of popular technologies in demand. These will be conducted during your vacation period.
  • Charges per Student per annum: Charges are inclusive of all the Taxes.


  • Students get to Interact and share knowledge from experts and students of different colleges to bring the best out of the subjects/topics
  • Cost-wise a student will get to learn about soft-skills, new technologies and their practical and/or management aspect at <INR 15 per lecture
  • Members can visit the lectures’ recordings anytime to brush-up their memory
  • Lectures will cover recent mandate asked by AICTE and DTEs to get close to corporate world and hone required skills
  • The membership fees is for entire academic year (e.g. those enrolling in 2018 will have access to guest lectures and our website till June 2019, and so on…)
  • Students will be awarded with certificate of completion for the guest lectures, which can be downloaded from our website towards the end of the academic year
  • Students can avail upto 80% discounts (Compared to market prices from other sources) to enroll for specialized certificate courses which are quite useful for students to land in various jobs
    • E.g. IoT, Robotic Process Automation, Python, Selenium, BigData, Machine Learning, etc.